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The Rape Crisis Center offers multiple programs, campaigns, presentations, and curricula designed to raise awareness around and prevent sexual assault, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, and teen dating violence.  Age-appropriate programming is available for young people from elementary school to college. We also provide professional trainings for those who work with children in any capacity, and those who work in the hospitality industry.  Learn more about prevention programs at The Rape Crisis Center, or schedule a program by reaching out to our Prevention and Education staff.

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The Enough Abuse Campaign: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

The Enough Abuse Campaign aims to engage adults in addressing child sexual abuse as the public health crisis that it is. Through training, education, policy change, and cultural shift, Enough Abuse works to end child sexual abuse in our communities. This is aimed at adults, including Parents, Youth-Serving Organization staff, the Medical Community, School staff, Clergy and the Faith Community, and others. The program can be delivered in 90 minutes – 3 hours. Presentations are free and timing is flexible and can be offered at the convenience of the audience.…

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Stay S.A.F.E. (Sex Assault Free Environments) and SAint (Sexual Assault Intervention)

The Rape Crisis Center has partnered with the LVMPD Crime Prevention Specialists to offer training for security, food and beverage, and other hospitality professionals on how to recognize predatory behavior and vulnerable individuals in club, hotel and casino environments, and intervene to prevent sexual violence before it happens. These trainings are provided at flexible times to be available to professionals working any shift. Learn how you can distract, delegate and direct situations to keep people safe. Contact Lisa M. at for more information or to set up a presentation…

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Party Smart

Party Smart is a safety campaign to encourage everyone going into a party situation, whether at a friend’s house, at the hottest club, or for a weekend getaway, to have each other’s backs – friends and strangers – in being mindful of sexual predators. The most effective way to do that, stay with your posse – Arrive Together, Stick Together, Leave Together. That includes sharing ride sharing routes, and whatever it takes so that everyone has a great time and gets home safely. Check out many more safety tips at…

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Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a rampant problem affecting millions of people in our country. There are millions of current adults who experienced sexual abuse as children. Through the Enough Abuse Campaign targeting adults, and programs for young children, there are presentations and tested curricula to help our community and leaders end the epidemic of child sexual abuse. One key fact that is important to keep in mind is that the majority of abusers of children (more than 90%) are individuals the child and their family know and love. While strangers can…

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Prevention & Education Survey

Please help us learn more about attitudes and backgrounds of what you think and how you have gotten information about health and safety in your life. Please complete the following survey: SurveyLink We are particularly interested in hearing from young persons of color. The Rape Crisis Center offers multiple programs, campaigns, presentations, and curricula designed to bring greater awareness and education about: The need for tools and resources for teens and young adults: We provide information to help empower young people with information and resources to make healthy decisions. Programs help them to…

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Hollaback! Vegas

Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world.  We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to increase safety so that everyone can enjoy equal access to and feelings of safety in public spaces. You can help us call out street harassment and build spaces where street harassment is not tolerated and our culture makes it unacceptable. Visit us here.

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The Circle of 6 APP

Circle of 6 was a first place winner in the White House’s Apps Against Abuse challenge. We encourage people to download this or a similar safety app to have this available on their phones. This tool allows users to instantly and discreetly access their 5 most trustworthy friends should they find themselves in need of help or in an unsafe situation. GPS coordinates and mobile messaging functions give contacts all of the info they need so that that they can jump into action to get help on its way ASAP. Search…

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