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School Based Programs

Care for Kids® and We Care Elementary®

For children in grades pre-K  – 6

The latest addition to our programming for schools, Care for Kids and We Care Elementary are excellent, progressive new child abuse prevention programs which teach children from a very young age the fundamental basics that support healthy development and safe boundaries. The programs have multiple presentations on key topics including: asking for help, understanding feelings, bodies, and asking for permission. These programs are rooted in teaching children from an early age about boundaries, consent, and communication.

The Child Assault Prevention® (CAP) Program

For children in grades 1 – 3 school program1The Child Assault Prevention® (CAP) program is an internationally recognized primary prevention education program. Originally implemented in 1978, CAP is a well -tested and researched program delivered around the United States and around the world.

The CAP program curriculum is based on an empowerment philosophy which seeks to reduce children’s vulnerability to assault by increasing awareness that children have human rights, and making sure that children know what their rights are.

Strategies are taught through role play, and include self-assertion, peer support, effective communication and reporting skills. CAP helps kids understand that they have rights, what those rights are, what they can do themselves to protect their rights, and when they need to involve a “big person to address big problems.”  Children are empowered in a way that does not frighten or alarm them, but helps them understand important concepts like the difference between “secrets” and “surprises”, and how to identify trusted adults in their lives.

YourSPACE (Safety Prevention Awareness Curriculum for Everyone)

For students in grades 8 – 12school program2

YourSPACE is a 3-5 hour structured curriculum, normally delivered at a school over the course several days, one class period per day. The program is focused on educating teens on recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships, understanding consent and communication skills, and finding resources if they find themselves in dangerous situations.  The curriculum is age relevant, non-gender specific and language appropriate. Topics include: social responsibility, personal space and boundaries, sexual assault and the law, media literacy, and other topics.

The YourSPACE curriculum is interactive and uses current media content. The program is conducted by well-trained facilitators. The program is grounded in the belief that honest dialogue and critical thinking skills lay the correct foundation to allow our youth to prevent sexual violence within their communities and in society at large. The YourSPACE program is supported by funding to the Nevada State Department of Health and Human Services, Rape Prevention Education program through the Centers for Disease Control and Intervention.

*Note: There is no cost to schools for providing these programs.  All materials and personnel are provided by The Rape Crisis Center.  If you are interested in scheduling a CAP or YourSPACE presentation at your school, please contact Lisa, Education Programs Coordinator, 702-385-2153 or lisam@rcclv.org. You may also complete the online forms below.

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