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  • High School YourSPACE Workshop Request Form

    Thank you for inviting The Rape Crisis Center to share the YourSPACE program with your youth. YourSPACE is a 4 hour program that can be scheduled according to your needs. YourSPACE can be done in 3 hours at your school if one of your feeder Middle Schools also utilizes the program. To help us provide the best possible workshop for your students, please fill in all the information requested below.
  • Reportable Disclosures
    YourSPACE Facilitators are mandated reporters, and are required by law to report any disclosures of abuse, neglect, or assault by a student to the appropriate authorities. In order to make such reports, facilitators must cooperate with a school official who can provide the authorities with student’s personal information. Please indicate below the appropriate person for facilitators to work with regarding reportable disclosures.
  • If the contact person is unavailable, and our facilitator is unable to connect with another school official, they will make their report to either CPS or Law Enforcement alone, and then alert a school staff member that a report has been made and that the appropriate authority will soon be in contact.
  • Testing
    For grant purposes, Facilitators administer a pre- and post-test to students in order to measure the effectiveness of the YourSPACE program. If testing is interrupted for any reason (fire drills, last minute workshop cancellation, etc) we ask that the hosting teacher contact the Prevention and Education Manager at The Rape Crisis Center to arrange for an opportunity to complete testing.
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