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Enough Abuse Campaign Nevada

Enough Abuse in Nevada is a partnership led by The Rape Crisis Center and Prevent Child Abuse Nevada to create widespread change to prevent child sexual abuse through engagement of parents, caregivers, youth-serving organizations, and concerned citizens. The goal of the Campaign is to engage parents, caregivers, youth-serving organizations and concerned citizens so that together, we Educate, Communicate, and Advocate to end child sexual abuse. It is time, we say ENOUGH!

Multiple FREE Presentations Available, offered by trained facilitators:

All presentations provide data driven and up-to-date information on child sexual abuse prevention. The Enough Abuse Campaign and the creation of its’ materials were originally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We were able to bring the Campaign to Nevada with generous funding from the Engelstad Family Foundation.

Presentation Request


The Campaign offers:

  • A framework for looking at child sexual abuse as the public health problem that it is and addressing the prevention of abuse in a manner similar to the way other behavior-based public health issues have been.
  • Communication tips for parents and others to talk to children in a healthy and neutral way about their bodies, sexuality, and safety.
  • Action steps that everyone can take to be a part ending the devastating problem of sexual abuse
  • Policy change that can be implemented both governmentally and institutionally to make an impact on this issue.


  • Can be done in various timeframes — 30 minute (if a series of three sessions), one hour, two hour, and half-day.
  • Provide high quality materials
  • Are geared toward specific audiences: medical and mental health professionals; parents; those who work in youth serving organizations
  • Are offered free of charge to your organization through generous funding from the Engelstad Family Foundation

To schedule or customize a presentation for your group or organization, please contact The Rape Crisis Center at 702-385-2153 or email Christina@rcclv.org.

In 2013, Governor Sandoval brought together a group of leaders in a Taskforce to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse. Click here to read the report from the Task Force and the recommendations made by the group to end this epidemic in Nevada.


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