24/7 Hotline: 702-366-1640
Crisis Response

The Rape Crisis Center’s hotline is part of the RAINN network, using dedicated staff and volunteers to provide advocacy support, assistance, and answers to questions 24/7.


Whether the abuse or assault happened days or decades ago, there is help available. Lack of insurance or resources is never a barrier to service.


It is only through prevention and education of our youth that we can stop sexual assault and abuse. There is a role for everyone in preventing sexual violence.

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events homeWant to learn more about how you can support The Rape Crisis Center? Check out our calendar for more information on events and sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.  Please share information about our events wherever you can.


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 Our Mission

We commit to offering help, hope, and healing to those affected by sexual violence. We provide education, awareness and support as far as our arms can reach.

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